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Available 3/7

LIA & LUÍS: PUZZLED!, another installment in the Storytelling Math series, and a companion book for LIA & LUÍS: WHO HAS MORE? is coming to an indie bookstore near you on March 7, 2023. The story, which this time is all about collaboration, follows the Brazilian American twins as they figure out a mystery—in the shape of a puzzle sent by their vovó—to uncover a secret message.


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Hello! Oi!

Ana Crespo Books, Children's Author

Ana Crespo is happiest when surrounded by nature. So, Ana spends her summers traveling around the United States, visiting National Parks, and exploring some of the most beautiful places in America. She usually returns from her trips full of ideas for new stories. Ana considers herself lucky for having a career that allows her to keep her imagination alive way beyond her childhood years. Originally from Brazil, Ana lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountain region with her husband and kids.



Lia & Luís: Puzzled!

Illustrated by Giovana Medeiros

A Companion Book for Lia & Luís: Who Has More?

Twins Lia and Luís have received a secret puzzle from their grandma! Can they put it together to read the hidden message? A playful exploration of geometry and sorting featuring Brazilian American characters and a glossary of Brazilian Portuguese words.

Hello, Tree!

Illustrated by Dow Phumiruk

a 2021 A Mighty Girl Best Book of the Year 

When a wildfire comes roaring into the forest, all the animals and humans flee. But all the tree can do is wait. Wait until many days and nights pass. Wait until the fire loses the battle. And wait until the forest is still before the forest can be reborn and the animals and the girl can come back. Inspired by the 2013 Black Forest fire, Hello, Tree is about the kinship between humans and nature, and preservation of the environment.

Lia & Luís: Who Has More?

Illustrated by Giovana Medeiros

Winner of the 2021 Mathical Book Prize—PreK 

Twins Lia and Luís argue over who has more of their favorite snacks. Can the siblings use math--and a little sharing--to pick the winner? A playful exploration of measurement, counting, and estimation, featuring Brazilian American characters and a glossary of Brazilian Portuguese words. Available in hardcover and paperback.

LiaLuis Mathical seal.png

The Sock Thief: A Soccer Story

Illustrated by Nana Gonzalez

Winner of the 2016 International Latino Book Award—PB Bilingual

Brazilian boy, Felipe, doesn’t own a soccer ball. When it’s his turn to take one to school, he must use a lot of creativity (and a few socks) to solve his problem. Inspired by the childhood stories of the author's father, the book includes animals sounds and words in Portuguese.

9780807539798_JP StinkyMonster WEB_edite

My Emotions & Me Series

Illustrated by Erica Sirotich


JP uses his imagination and a cast of adorable make-believe characters to help young readers understand how to navigate their emotions in a fun and positive way. Perfect for ages 2-5, this series combines simple text and bright illustrations, and uses imaginative play to demonstrate problem-solving and self-soothing skills.



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Lia & Luís: puzzled! launch & storytime

Tuesday, March 7 at 4pm MT, at Second Star to the Right


Lia & Luís: puzzled! storytime & activity

Saturday, March 18 at 11am MT, at The Wandering Jellyfish 


Lia & Luís: Puzzled! Storytime in Cape Cod

Sunday, March 26 at 10:30am ET, at Titcomb's Bookshop

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