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LIA & LUÍS: WHO HAS MORE?  (ages 3-6)

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Math Diversity and the Power of Story


"A classic sibling debate sets the stage for this effective, child-led exploration of measurement methods. ... Medeiros’s cheery, colorful digital illustrations capture the children’s frustration, concentration, and joy." Publishers Weekly (Read entire review.)

"Friendly characters, warm colors, and an exciting new language lesson make learning math even more enjoyable!" Rosemary Kiladitis, Children's Librarian at the Queens Library System (Read the entire review.)


Awards & Etc.


2021 Mathical Book Prize—PreK

Behind the Book: Lia & Luís

Behind the Book: Lia & Luís

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Behind the Book

The Story


Twins Lia and Luís argue over who has more of their favorite Brazilian snacks. The siblings compare amounts using measurement, counting, estimation, and finally weight to pick the winner. The solution involves clever math–and a little sharing. The Storytelling Math series shows that all children can be mathematical thinkers. Each book includes ideas for exploring math at home with your children, developed in collaboration with math experts at STEM education nonprofit TERC Inc., under a grant from the Heising-Simons Foundation. Available in hardcover and paperback.

Illustrated by Giovana Medeiros  |  Charlesbridge, Watertown, MA (October, 2020)  |  ISBN: 9781623541279 (HC)

Let's Learn Portuguese!

As you listen to this recording, keep in mind that Brazil is a very large country. Like in the US, people in different parts of the country have different accents. Also, Brazil is not the only country in the world to have Portuguese as its official language. People in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, and other countries also speak Portuguese. And they too speak with different accents.


Have fun trying all these new words!

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Learn Portuguese
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